Go on an Expedition Within

in paradise...

Kauai, Hawaii || Sep 26 - Oct 6, 2017

  • 11 days/10 nights - enough time to REALLY disconnect to reconnect
  • Bali style house 7 min walk from the beach - let the ocean wash away the worries
  • Nourishment prepared by private chef from local produce - supporting your healing journey
  • Daily Yoga/Meditation - we will go deeper within to find the real you
  • Excursions around the island - you will see some pretty mind blowing scenery and meet locals
  • Workshops for Self-exploration/Inner growth/Transformation - we will co create the flow
  • All transportation on island and pretty much everything else is included

Investment in your Freedom:

Earlybird *before August 15 $3498

Regular investment *after August 15 $3998

Early Bird that catches the Worm
3,498.00 3,998.00
Oh I cannot wait!
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Liberating Experience 

Imagine waking up in paradise.

With no agenda.

Completely free to do whatever you want to do.

If you want to sleep the whole day... you may do so.

But do you?

When a private lush garden is waiting for you... with a natural lagoon pool with a waterfall…

Or do you prefer a jacuzzi?

Or would you join a meditation and a yoga class in the morning for some deep stretches and a peace of mind?

Would you walk couple minutes to the beach afterwards to let the cool ocean water hug your gorgeous body, wash away the tension and let you relax?

What would you do if you had complete freedom to do whatever your heart desires? Because on this retreat you will be held accountable to follow the inner voice and do only things that it calls you to do.

Of course you will be challenged to do maybe unfamiliar things at some times, but only if it feels good doing them. Because life is not about leaping out of your comfort zone. It is about expanding your comfort zone and then acting from this deeply rooted place of knowing your power. Acting out of inspiration, when the spirit and you are aligned and nothing has to be pushed through.

My mastery lies in guiding you through the tough times when the drama from the past is coming to the surface to be looked at. I will stand by you so you can stay in the moment with whatever feeling is coming up so it can move through you without us running away from it. This is the only way to peel back the layers and get to the core of the real you. This is what I will be holding space for you.

What choices will you make as the real you?

We will do whatever we desire to do, play, sing, paint, share our stories in myriad different ways. This retreat is about co creating the magic, going with the flow and feeling the pace of the island.

We will take greatest care of ourselves, because only then we can rise and be the queen and king we are supposed to be.

Nourishing our bodies with most delicious vegan meals prepared by our private chef with the bounty from the island.

We will explore the island, visit and marvel at her little secrets.

Skinny dipping in a cave anyone?

Or picking our own herbs at an herbal farm?

Getting to know the locals at the farmers market.

Yes, there will be a huge surprise, too ;)

We will dance under the full moon, letting ourselves be witches and magicians. We will build a fire and marvel at the stars.

When was the last time you took time for yourself to just be? No pressure, no expectations, no frames to fit in.

Just be.

For 11 days you will be challenged to do just that. Yes, challenged to be your true magnificent self. 

Will you accept it? Isn't it time to find out who you really are?

Join us if your heart is calling you to spend 11 days with only one goal: BE YOU. Feeling supported and guided to just BE YOU.

This retreat is not about schedules, speakers and agenda. There are certain things planned however it is your heart who decides to join the tribe. No pressure, no shoulds. Freedom and co creation.

Is it a dream? Nope, we are free to make it reality.

This all inclusive magical experience is happening in less than 2 months and you can join us as the early bird for $3498 before August 15 when the price will go up to $3998. 

What would you invest in your freedom?

Schedule a dream call.

Cannot wait to see you on the other side...


Through Alla I heave learned how to listen and act upon my intuition. Every time we speak, I am astonished by the results of our sessions. In only one hour of time with her, my entire world and being is unleashed. It’s as if she puts a pair of x-ray goggles on your head that gives you the laser vision to really SEE what is happening- who you are, your circumstances, and how you are handling life. Most importantly she will make you feel moved, touched, and inspired, every single time you speak with her. And most importantly, provide you with the tools needed to continue to unleash your ability to maintain and expand upon this clarity.

Alla, simply put, is the oxygen we need to breath in life. Period. End of story.
— Noura Salman - CPA - Miami, USA


Magical Garden Isle Kauai

The magical island of Kauai, the northernmost island, is told to hold space for inner transformation and evolvement. From the center of the islands tallest mountain with the wettest spot on the planet, to its southwestern dessert like terrain, the island’s healing energies of the earth are mixed with wisdom of the ancient cultures of the oldest Hawaiian islands. Kauai’s nick name the ‘Garden Isle’ perfectly describes the lush vegetation, the tropical rainforest and abundance of water that we will explore together.


Your Host Alla Petcheniouk

Alla Petcheniouk is a Russian born fairy who is deeply committed to inner growth and profound transformation.

She lives in Florida with her man and their giant tubby cat Pupsie where she loves inviting friends for dinner and having long conversations about recent enlightening moments and discoveries.

She guides her clients through the biggest and scariest changes in their lives by bringing them in alignment with their inner selves. Then all of the steps become natural and easy. 

Her mission is to show you how to go with the flow of your purpose so you can find peace of mind and handle any situation from a state of grace.

In April 2015, Alla spent a whole month in Kauai with her man and after falling in love with the island decided to create a magical adventure within for people who are ready dive deep.

Literally and metaphorically ;)

Yoga with Carolyn Dumeyer

Carol comes from a background of yoga, meditation, massage and anatomy. Her lifelong exposure to the healing arts has inspired a teaching style that embraces honest acceptance for wherever we are in the present, while expanding into our unlimited potential. She has been teaching yoga & anatomy on Kauai since 2005, is a 300+ RYT and has studied Ashtanga, Anusara, Iyengar, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga with many acclaimed teachers around the globe. Prior to dedicating her life to yoga, she had a career in massage therapy with a focus on anatomy and injury rehabilitation. Her daily inspiration comes from the beauty of nature, a loving family and her animal friends.


Nourishment by Jason Donnelly 

Jason Donnelly has worked as a professional chef for 25 years after he started culinary school at the age of 16. His passion for food brought him to New York where he cooked up a storm in famous restaurants such as Mercer Kitchen and Veritas.

By trying to heal his mother from the insidious pancreatic cancer, Jason was forced to look into the food realm from a whole different perspective. He was intrigued by the effect that food has on our bodies and has since experimented with recreating his favorite dished in a vegan way.

The chef believes that through cooking he can show his love to people instantly creating beautiful and nourishing dishes for their bodies and souls. Since they came to Kauai in April 2015, Jason and Alla have been dreaming about bringing others to this magical island and this dream is not coming true.

We will experience the bounty of the fruits and vegetables that Kauai has to offer as seasonal, organic produce mostly from the local farms. Savor vegetarian, mostly vegan and gluten free, delicious meals prepared for us in a healing and nourishing way, supporting your inner journey.

Shangri-La Style Playground 

Moloaa Shangri-la is one of the most unique and luxurious estates on the island of Kauai. It offers a peaceful, private, tropical setting surrounded by Kauai's natural beauty. Large, well furnished and fully-equipped home just a short walk to Moloaa Bay on the North Shore of the Garden Island of Kauai. Features a pool with waterfall, jacuzzi, pool-side fireplace and plenty of nooks and crannies to find a place for some alone time. We will be making fires and dancing under the stars and the full moon...

Moloaa Bay Estate is a rural experience on Kauai's famous north shore. Situated on 11 acres, you will enjoy spacious grounds, a private pool and an epic deck lanai. Large trees and a river run through the property making its natural feel quite luxurious. Moloaa Bay and its private beach is a very brief walk from the entrance bridge and front gardens of the home. Isolated in a remote area of Kauai -The Garden Isle of Hawaii, you are a short drive to famous Hanalei Bay, Princeville, Ke'e Snorkleing Beach and the picturesque Napali coastline.

Let your heart guide you 

Enjoy the safety and comfort that allow you to let your guards down and allow yourself to be gently guided within, to your true self. All activities are optional and Alla is more of a surprise person, so this is only a taste:

  • Morning practice: meditation, journaling raising awareness of the current situation
  • Daily yoga with Carolyn Dumeyer, the perfect person to lead us into our bodies ever so gently
  • sensual eating and cooking class with the fruits of the island (I tried many of them for the first time)
  • Full Moon fire burning ceremony sealing our connection with the universal energies
  • skinny dipping in a cave - just a magical experience
  • visit to a local herbal farm and farmers market where we will get to know the locals
  • constant guidance within is probably the most important part of our time together
  • creating a sisterhood to hold each other
  • so much more...

What's included:

  • Pick up from Lihui airport (LIH) on Kauai
  • 10 nights in a Bali style villa
  • All meals, drinks
  • Daily yoga
  • All excursiouns we have planned

What's NOT included: Your flights, travel insurance and visas (if needed) and anything your decide to buy for yourself when we venture out to the farmers markets or local shops.

NOTE: Payment of $550 is required to secure you spot. Full payment before September 1 to guarantee early bird pricing. Should participant need to cancel attendance for any reason, a refund will be issued in line with the following conditions:

  • a 50% refund if cancelled prior to August 15, 2017
  • a 0% refund if cancelled after August 15, 2017
Hold Your Spot with a Deposit
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Early Bird that catches the Worm
3,498.00 3,998.00
Oh I cannot wait!

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