Sharing with integrity doesn't mean that you have to be perfect.

I've been dealing with the subject of authenticity in the coaching world for a long time, doubting the integrity of certain (or most) people. 

On this journey, I came to the conclusion that the deeper my commitment to find my most authentic self first and then share it with others, the more people are coming into my life who are willing to do the same.

Compared to how discouraged and desperate I felt even half a year ago about not being able to find real, honest and open people, I am amazed and so grateful for all the brave souls around me now.

What I feel for people in whom I see some kind of non-integrity, is compassion.

I know amazing people who write brilliant blogs but when I get to know them, I see a disconnection between their creative work and their personal life. Last year, I was really disappointed after meeting a coach, that he was not living what he was writing about.

It took me few months to wrap my brain around the duality of this situation: the part of him who is bringing this brilliancy on paper is real. At the same time, his human part is not yet able to handle his genius which lets him sometimes act as the complete opposite of what his coaching stands for. Just being human. After realizing this, it became easy for me to love him no matter what and hold the space for him to grow into this crazy wonder man.

I learned that even the most authentic people go through their own shit and have moments when they feel stuck and not able see beyond the hurdles. If these are my coaches, I am grateful that when working with me on my issues they are still able to channel their genius and help me to work through my stuff.

Do I think less of them because they shared with me their insecurities and problems? Absolutely not. Am I tempted? Of course, I am, when my ego triumphs yelling 'They are not perfect either!!!'
We are all going through our issues. It is just easier to see the bigger picture beyond the current problems in others' lives. That's why we work with each other, every coach has a coach. Because the most authentic people are simply committed to their own inner growth and are sharing it with others despite the fear of becoming vulnerable.

As we hear the stories about their struggles we identify ourselves with them and it becomes easier to see our problems for what they are: self made illusions to deal with and to overcome.
We need the community; we need the support. Make it easier for yourself, share your stories and let others catch you when you fall.

This is my first video that I am sharing with you.

Yes, it's scary. No make up, no filters, no nothing that makes me pretty. Just me.

It is me in those pretty pictures on Facebook and it is the same me in this video. It's not that I don't like make up. But I am also not afraid of showing myself without it.

Yes, I have an accent and make mistakes. Oh well, I discovered that I also do it in Russian and German; we all make mistakes in our mother languages. So what? I hope, you understand my message.

This is all I care about :)

Do us all a favor and be you.