This is some of the feed back that I received from my beloved clients.

I’m a self-employed and very self-motivated individual that has always achieved what I set my mind to. When I was introduced to Alla she initially came to me as a client, who quickly became a friend. And then one day she opened up the possibility of working with me. Initially rejected the idea questioning,”why do I need this?” and “what exactly is a spiritual guide?”

And then I learned that there’s what we know we know, there’s what we know we don’t know, and then there’s everything else. And THAT is what Alla is- she is the portal to EVERYTHING ELSE which is actually SO much more than what we know and don’t know- she is a portal to love, happiness, clarity, life, and just being. Which is, after all, what we are meant to be, HUMAN BEINGS!

We all have doctors, lawyers, clients, family members, spouses, and other important people that we constantly hold ourselves to. Alla, on the other hand, will make us focus on making us accountable to OURSELVES and to unleashing the full-potential of who you are- which I have learned is our ultimate freedom to happiness.

Through her I heave learned how to listen and act upon my intuition. Every time we speak, I am astonished by the results of our sessions. In only one hour of time with her, my entire world and being is unleashed. It’s as if she puts a pair of x-ray goggles on your head that gives you the laser vision to really SEE what is happening- who you are, your circumstances, and how you are handling life. Most importantly she will make you feel moved, touched, and inspired, every single time you speak with her. And most importantly, provide you with the tools needed to continue to unleash your ability to maintain and expand upon this clarity.

Alla, simply put, is the oxygen we need to breath in life. Period. End of story.
— Noura Salman, CPA - Miami, USA
After receiving therapy from a psychologist with no real improvement, I found Alla to be tremendously helpful and refreshing.

She is an amazing, genuine, thought- and soul-provoking person.
The timing of my meeting Alla was cosmic; she provided the techniques and guidance I needed to begin to heal and find my direction.
Her group workshops were scheduled on Sundays, which helped put the past week in perspective and framed the upcoming week within the context of a focused topic. I always looked forward to the week after our Sunday sessions.
I have struggled with various meditation methods in the past, but Alla’s words really worked for me. She always has a book and/or online resource recommendation so I am learning constantly.

Alla has a gift for identifying the essence of a problem; sometimes it is frightening how accurate she is but that just means I can address it more efficiently.
I’m grateful to have met and learned from her. I hope that she will continue to shed her love and light on others.
— Christina Won, Scientist & Foodie - NYC, USA
Before meeting Alla, I was insecure, lost and made my happiness dependent from outer circumstances.

Alla taught me to take responsibility for my life and stop looking for others to fill the void inside of me. Now I truly recognize my beauty and uniqueness and power and don’t need other people to feel like the queen I am.
Every morning when I wake up, I ask myself “what would make queen Kelly happy today?” as Alla taught me to do.
Alla is the type of spiritual guide who challenges me to be honest with myself, and above all to listen to my inner goddess.
She’s helped me to free myself and become accountable for my own happiness and successes outside the influence of others in my life. She doesn’t tell you what you need to do or think, she helps you discover the best path within you.

I honestly believe that she has changed my life.
— Kelly Navagh Ernst, Writer and Entrepreneur - Austin, USA
Alla has the incredible ability to stay completely present with you as she probes deep into your heart and soul.
She lovingly encourages you to confront your deepest fears, allowing you to tap in to that vulnerable place. But she does it in a way that is safe, full of compassion and even adds in humor and joy.
Working with her has helped me to be more honest with myself and acknowledge everything that has been holding me back from reaching my dreams.
I wouldn’t want anyone else to help lead me to my goals and hold my hand along the way but my dear Alla.
Thank you for being so wonderful and truly an inspiration!
— Talya Smilowitz, Singer - NYC, USA
Alla turned my life around within a few sessions.
As if by miracle things began to fall in place in the specific area I needed help.
Actually I had to miss one of our sessions because I had to attend to my needs which required immediate care and I could no longer procrastinate. A topic we had talked about extensively. I was sad to miss the appointment with her but overjoyed that finally things were moving for me.
I think I cried to know that I had not taken care of myself for so long and Alla was helping break the patterns that kept me stagnant.
She was and is an angle for me.
I highly recommend her as a life coach.
She opened up a universe of possibilities that were within me.
— Dora Naime, Dancer - NYC, USA
After just three weeks of working with Alla, I discovered that Alla had given me the missing piece that was stopping me from the next level of brilliance in my life.
What Alla gave me was quite simple, yet exactly (but I didn’t realize) what I needed: She believed in me.
Her belief in me took me to the next level of belief in myself, allowing me to trust myself much more.
With this new level of self confidence - I have found a new beautiful apartment, found how to easily pursue growth of my healing practice and resolve some lingering feelings from a past romantic relationship... I now know I am entering my next beautiful level of abundance.
— Emily Anton, Ballett Dancer - NYC, USA